Due to limitations and the style of my designs I have to turn down any non-motorsports based vehicles. A majority of my work focuses on livery design and logos, contrasting colors corresponding with body line and panels. Creating a piece with a single or two tone color scheme will unfortunately not produce the outcome that you see with a majority of my work.

I get a ____ car made???  I currently have a running list of iconic cars and liveries I plan on creating however due to the time consuming nature of creating and finishing a project as well as life, and motivation some of these projects can take longer to complete.

Depending on the concept, the reference material at hand and my focus (ADHD) I can complete a piece in under 6 hour but I can also take up to 72 hours from start to finish.

I have thought about it. I like the concept of more power to the creative, however I believe that you as a customer should own a tangible piece of artwork rather than a JPEG. I would rather you own a poster rolled up in a tube in a closet rather than a file stored on the cloud. The biggest problem keeping me and a lot of other artists are the gas fee’s, they incredibly high to even get one project available for sale, and that’s banking on it even selling. If you would like to pay over $10,000 USD for a JPEG or a link to a JPEG please contact me and we can setup a deal.