I have always loved to draw and be creative, I would spend hours building with Lego, and creating different contraptions around the house and in the yard. I remember being in awe the first time I watched my dad sketch the race car he worked on from memory for me. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that. I took note of him drawing out the perspective lines and working on the finishing details like getting the font for the door number just right. After graduating high school attended The University of Texas at San Antonio where I trained as a Fine Artist with an emphasis in New Media Video and Sound art receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Minor in Art History in 2012. After graduating I spent three years creating and selling digital art, having my art published in various online and print publications. During this time I worked for the Circuit of the Americas as a tour guide and tower guide as well as working as a fly-in crew member for a number of IMSA and Sports Car racing teams I took a hiatus from creating art for sale to the general public and focused on working full time in the Motorsports industry. Five years later due to the circumstances of Covid-19, I found myself out of the motorsports world and have decided after the encouragement from friends, and family I started my art career back up full time creating new pieces and new designs for new outlets online.

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